The Holy Books Flaws

To present my evidence I have proved that   Moses Story is just a self-evidenced Fiction and a Hoax   and it CANNOT be word of God.

To extend the proof that Holy Books CANNOT be word God, I refer to Darwin Theory of Evolution. Any reasonable person would acknowledge that Darwin Theory of Evolution of species is a sound scientific theory that has been accepted by all credible scientists. Darwin's Theory of Evolution clearly nullifies the validity of Adam and Eve story of creation which is the foundation of all three Abrahamic faiths.

Also, the Big Bang theory is accepted by all credible scientists. This finding proves the falsehood of Genesis Story of Creation.

All these various evidences prove that Holy Torah, Holy Bible, and Holy Quran CANNOT be word of God. And all these three scriptures were produced by wisdom of ancient Man in a childish form of fairytales. This is an insult to human's intelligence to believe that all Knowledgeable God has deceived us and has sent us those false stories in those faulty scriptures.

Christians tell us that Jesus was a Jew and while he was living on this earth he was preaching the Holy Torah to his followers. So, Jesus who was preaching the faulty scripture with false stories COULD NOT be all knowledgeable God!

Christians also believe that around 2000 years ago some wicked people captured ALMIGHTY God and nailed him to cross until he died. I guess there is no limit to human's Gullibility!

While Man is still struggling to identify his own nature; mind, body, soul, Karma, and so on, but Christians have the audacity to claim Trinity for domain of God!!

In many verses, Quran confidently boasts its unique and un-paralleled status that it is infallible, and it is flawless, and it is a literature way beyond all other masterpieces that are written by Man. Here, I am presenting   A list of over 100 flaws in verses of Quran.   Quran is a primitive book, it is full of many unorganized and repeated verses, and its literature is at the level of a 12 years old writer. Verses of Quran clearly validates this assessment without any ambiguity. The reason so many Islamic scholars boasted Quran as an un-paralleled literature, because they were constantly under the threat of the Islamic sword, and on top of that the admirers of Quran were praised and were rewarded by the Moslem rulers. We cannot hear about the opposing voices because they were conveniently eliminated by the Islamic sword. According to the prevailing documents we can confidently say that Mohammed was a horny charlatan, who under the banner of monotheism and the Islamic brotherhood with the brutality of the Islamic sword he conquered Arabian peninsula. Quran which is claimed that was recited by Mohammed it clearly reveals his poverty of mind and the falsehood of his claim that he was appointed by God to be his prophet.

Here, I like to add a note regarding Quran English and Farsi translations. I exposed the flaws in verses of Quran based on English and Farsi translations. These translations are made by the people who believed Quran to be word of God, as a result these are NOT really the translations of Quran, but rather these are interpretation of verses of Quran, which during praises of Quran the scholars of Quran have mostly consented to such interpretation. So, if these scholars had noticed any flaw within the Arabic text of Quran, they did not expose them, but rather they covered them up and according to their accepted conventions. I found the following YouTube videos in Farsi, this author exposes many OTHER flaws in verses of Quran from the Arabic text directly.

Manga Va Ahoora #61 & #62 & #63 & #64 & . . . :

Here, I would like to ask Moslem scholars why Islam has emphasized so much that dogs are very unclean and very dirty, and there is absolutely no prohibition against cats. From cleanliness point of view there is not much difference between dogs and cats. And Dogs have been so useful and so faithful for Man. Just based on this point, I have to conclude, either there is something INTRINSICALLY BAD with dogs, or there is something fundamentally wrong with Islam! According to Islam if you touch a dog and you did not wash yourself thoroughly, you will be punished in hell for your transgression against God. And if you have a dog as your pet and touching it without cleaning yourself, that makes you unclean and dirty, just like an infidel, then, killing you is sanctioned in Islam. Actually in this case, this makes perfect sense, because in this case your transgression against God is so severe that you need to be punished immediately in this life, and also in hell. And a Moslem like Taliban most likely would praise the killer of this savage act, for strengthening Islam.

Here, a Moslem scholar might object that the issue of dogs being unclean is not in Quran. That is very true, but Islam is not limited to Quran alone, all numerous instructions, quotes, and Fatwas that have been made by Mohammed, Imams, and Ayatollahs throughout the history of Islam they all are part of Islam, and they all get enforced very rigidly. Here, I like to included that women have to cover their heir is not in Quran either. But, in Iran both of these prohibitions are forced on people very severely.


Observing so many clear falsehoods in theologies of religions, one would wonder why such outdated beliefs are still dominating our modern societies? With careful observation, we can see that Religions provide a vital HOPE in most people's tedious life, without such make believe hope, MOST people's inquisitive mind would suffer from the brute reality of their apparently pointless existence.

There is another possibility to why a well-educated believer still remains a believer in spite of all the damning evidences against their primitive religions; maybe God is enlightening them, and is rewarding them within the activities of their brain, and far below of the level of the uncertainty principles, that is why these influences cannot be detected.

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Thank you for reading my material,
May God Bless Us All.

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