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The Proof of God's Existence

For a long time Man intuitively has recognized the existence of God in the heart of this world, and he has reflected this finding in his various sacred books, and now in this short article I have proved with solid evidences the existence of an Active Conductor who Intelligently and Consciously run this Universe at meticulous details. My evidences are:   The Evidence in the Mirror Reflection,     The Evidence in the Snowflakes' Designs,     The Evidence in the Human Consciousness,     The Evidence in our special dreams,     A Logical Evidence.     A Weird Experience.

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The Evidence in the
Mirror Reflection

From early time Man has noticed the image reflections over the surfaces of still water. This is a natural phenomenon that enriches the beauty of Nature a great deal, and it has played a role in improving our cognition. Man has learnt all smooth flat surfaces reflect images too. After discoveries of gold, silver, and glass Man has made mirrors to look at himself, and he has used mirror for signaling and bringing sunlight inside the dark places. Through numerous observations, science has formed the Optic Law for Mirror Reflection. The Optic Law for Mirror Reflection states that "the incident ray, the reflected ray, and the normal to the surface of the mirror all lie in the same plane. Furthermore, the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence". In daylight each second there are more than ten million billions (10^16) photons per each square inch in the incoming image. This optic law is correct and accurate for each and every one of the reflected photons from the surface of a mirror in every direction.

Man had no clue how mirror reflected the images, or what was the nature of light. In 1801 Thomas Young performed light double-slit experiment, which it proved the wave theory of light was correct. Wave theory of light explains that light is a wave, like the wave that we observe over the surface of water in a pond when we drop a stone on the water. In nineteen century science made many discoveries in the field of electricity and magnetism, and finally James Clark Maxwell concluded that light was made of electromagnetic waves. In 1900 Max Planck's work on Black Body radiation, and Einstein's paper on photoelectric proved that light energy was absorbed and it was emitted in quanta of energy, this meant that light was also a particle. All these experiments proved that light had both wave and particle properties which it was called photon.

By the advances that are made in the field of particle physics we have developed the theory of Quantum Electromagnetic (QED), which it is the crowning achievement of our science for all time. Almost all our modern technological achievements are based on QED theory. With the advances that are made in technologies now we are capable to observe the detailed functions of a SINGLE photon in various phenomena. QED theory has produced the details of absorption and emission of photon by an electron or any other particles, and it has concluded that these emissions are govern only by statistical models, and the emitted light propagates randomly in many directions, and the direction of the emission of a single photon is totally uncertain and it can NOT be predicted at all, this uncertainty in the direction and the timing of the emission, is the intrinsic property of the material, and it has nothing to do with the accuracy of our measuring devices.

Now, we have the following puzzle on our hand; while QED says the direction and the timing of the emission of a photon is intrinsically uncertain, and it is purely govern by the uncertainty principle, then how is it that the Optic Law defines the direction of the mirror reflection with an absolute certainty? Since these two different scientific discoveries are directly contradicting each other, then one of these two analyses has to be wrong, or there might be another option for resolving this contradiction; we might have missed something very important in these analyses, which could reconcile this contradiction between these two very valid scientific discoveries.

In order to resolve this puzzling contradiction, QED has devised the "all-path method," and QED wave function method. All physicists unanimously have accepted both of these methods as the QED's valid answer for the puzzle of the mirror reflection.

I have exposed few flaws within the QED's all-path method and QED wave function, that these two QED methods regarding the mirror reflection are totally false and phony, and they should be dismissed without any hesitation, and here I explain those flaws. Our modern technologies allow us to work with one photon at a time. Now, we send ONE photon to the surface of the mirror and expose the flaws of these QED's methods. Since QED all-path examines all the possible paths, then if I move the detecting photo-multiplier to a new location, still QED's method produce a valid result for this new location. And there is nothing in these QED methods to discriminate about the location of the receiving the reflected photon. Now even if we place multiple photo-multipliers for detecting the reflected photon, still each photo-multiplier produces a valid result for each of these random locations. You see we cannot dismiss any of these calculated results, nor can we privilege any of the photo-multiplier over any other photo-multipliers, clearly this cannot be, a single reflected photon cannot be observed by this many photo-multipliers at all these very random locations. This argument exposes one of the flaws within the all-path method.

Now, let us examine this reflected photon from a different angle; QED "all-path" method and QED wave function method implement the correct location of the detecting photo-multiplier at point t1 into their configuration, this is cheating pure and simple, this is like in our exam we steal "the correct answer" from our neighboring class-mate, (the point t1 is the location that it is identified by the Optic Law). After all, we have implemented the correct answer of point t1 into the QED's configuration, then, are we surprised that we got the correct result!? These two QED methods are supposed to discover the point t1 with their own natural methods, and not to require it in advance for their configurations! Without the information of point t1, which it is produced by the Optic Law, these two QED methods cannot perform any configuration. This is another flaw.

Now, let us examine these two QED's methods from the perspective of the QED's core methodology. Based on the experimental results and the uncertainty principle QED's methods produce statistical models. These models tell us that QED's results are ALWAYS in statistical form, then how could these two QED methods for the mirror reflection produce the result, where the detection point t1 is a CERTAINTY!? No QED method should produce a result with an absolute certainty, because that violates the uncertainty rule. This is another flaw.

So, we can confidently conclude that there is no merit to these two QED methods, both of these methods for mirror reflection are false and void. But regarding the uncertainty in the direction of the emitted photon at the surface of the mirror we do know QED theory is correct, because we have discovered this result through many experiments. Then the puzzle still remains unanswered how the random emission of photon at the surface of mirror turns up to produce the Optic Law which it portrays the certainty in the direction of the reflection?

As I stated before, in daylight, in each second, in each square inch of an image from any direction that we observe, there are over ten million billion (10^16) photons are coming toward us. And the integrity of the reflected images from a mirror is maintained in all directions of the hemisphere in front of the mirror. Now, if at the surface of a mirror each photon should deal with uncertainty in the direction of the emission and uncertainty in the timing of the emission as it is discovered by QED, then the reflected image cannot possibly resemble to the incoming image, and the reflected image should get scrambled beyond any recognition. What happens at the surface of the mirrors that well tested uncertainty rule of QED fails totally, and instead we have the certainty of the Optic Law?

Mirror reflection is a peculiar phenomenon that it points to the existence of an Intelligent and Conscious Conductor who intentionally and deliberately suspends and negates the randomness and the disorder of QED uncertainty principle for the mirror reflection, and he delivers us the reflected images in all directions that they are very similar to their incoming images. This Intelligent and Conscious Conductor orderly and flawlessly produces the beautiful mirror reflections in all directions without any noticeable interference. Our mental capability was needed to reach to the sophisticated level that it could discover and comprehend the randomness of the uncertainty rule in the interactions of the sub-atomic particles in order to realize very rationally the function of this Intelligent and Conscious Conductor, who is active deep at the heart of the Nature. Without the influence of this Intelligent and Conscious Conductor there would be no recognizable image from any mirror. Mirror reflection has fundamentally stimulated the cognition of our brain a great deal, and now, mirror reflection is a phenomenon that it is guiding us to the recognition of this Intelligent and Conscious Conductor who is actively running all elements of this Universe in mind boggling manners that they are beyond our comprehension. It seems AT LAST science has reached to its ultimate goal to present us this function of the Conductor in abundance, which all people can see, can examine, and can scrutinize in details. This amazing function is unlike the fuzzy miracles of the holy texts, which they were manufactured by the believers' limited and deficient minds, this amazing function is present now to be examined by all people without any obscurity or hearsay. The manufactured miracles of those believers were sufficient for Man's intellect at that level, but today as we notice hearsay miracles of the past will not do, we need to experience the functions of the Conductor that are present in our environment, individually and first hand, and without any hearsay. QED explains the randomness and the chaos of the uncertainty rule, and we wonder how do such chaotic processes result to such orderly structured Universe, and now we are recognizing the missing function in these processes. It looks like a curtain has been lifted partially, and we are blessed to observe and grasp the most important aspect of our complex life first hand.

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The Evidence in the
Snowflakes' Designs

I got the following passage on snowflake's formation from Wikipedia. "The exact details of the sticking mechanism remain controversial. Possibilities include mechanical interlocking, sintering, electrostatic attraction as well as the existence of a "sticky" liquid-like layer on the crystal surface. The individual ice crystals often have hexagonal symmetry." "Most snowflakes are not completely symmetric." "Empirical studies suggest less than 0.1% of snowflakes exhibit the ideal six-fold symmetric shape." "The most common snow particles are visibly irregular, although near-perfect snowflakes may be more common in pictures because they are more visually appealing." "A non-aggregated snowflake often exhibits six-fold radial symmetry. The initial symmetry can occur because the crystalline structure of ice is six-fold. The six "arms" of the snowflake, or dendrites, then grow independently, and each side of each arm grows independently." "Since the micro-environment (and its changes) are very nearly identical around the snowflake, each arm can grow in nearly the same way."

The snowflakes' symmetrical formation is another case that science has totally failed to understand the root cause of the phenomenon, and it has fudged its analyses to fit the KNOWN result!

It is said the initial symmetry can occur because of the crystalline ice structure is six-fold. Let us examine this claim closely. Let us imagine that "The hexagon shape of the crystalline ice structure" is formed, and vapor water molecules start to attach themselves to the six-corners of this hexagon shape structure. The hexagon shape structure of ice crystalline is way too small to be able to direct the macroscopic design of the snowflake, just at the tiny center of the snowflakes there are over ten million billions (10^16) of such hexagon shape of crystalline ice structures, that they are piled up together, without showing any preference for any direction that the snowflakes' arms should grow. Besides, some snowflakes' shapes have different shapes other than the six arms.

The thickness of snowflakes indicates that the vapor water molecules get attached to the hexagon shape structure in directions of x, y, and z axes, which z axis presents the thickness of the snowflakes. The thickness of the Snowflakes is the result of many trillions of water molecules that they are randomly piled up on top of each other to produce the thickness. With the same absolute freedom vapor water molecules randomly get attached to the hexagon shape structure in the directions of x and y axes. There is no known force to impose any artistic symmetry on this process, and as far as our science is concerned this process is purely Random. So, the development of various artistic symmetries around the x axis is a total mystery. This mystery gets deepened further when the other arms of the snowflake develop very similar pattern. Furthermore this mystery gets deepened even further; because at the same time the arms in the neighboring snowflakes are getting developed in totally different patterns, this outcome gave rise to the notion that "no two snowflakes have similar shape." Just this notion that "no two snowflakes have similar shape" shows how diverse and how random this process is. And if the process of developing arms is so diverse, then it makes no sense the arms of a snowflake which are developing INDEPENDENTLY to form very similar symmetrical shape. Unlike the flowers which they have genes to produce their symmetries, the snowflakes lack any such mechanism to control the development of its arms, there is only Randomness, and Randomness does not create harmony and symmetry at all, it creates disorder and chaos. The absolute Randomness that exists in this process totally rejects the formation of any symmetry, especially when the structure possesses such huge number of water molecules. When the arms of the snowflakes are forming a CONDUCTOR is needed to implement various artistic symmetries to the random formation of this large number of water molecules. This Conductor is present at the fabric of the Nature that demonstrates his existence with such clarity, that no fair minded person would deny his existence.

Even though the ancient man from very early stages of his intelligence was inspired to recognize the existence of this mysterious force who was influencing his environment and his life, but our advanced scientific discoveries were needed to confirm the validity of those early confusing assessments! And for us science has been and it is our best arbitrator.

With unimaginable successes that our science has produced our amazing technologies it is hard to stand up and challenge our science for being faulty and wrong. I hope that you focus on the logic of my arguments and judge them rationally, with an open mind, and without much prejudice. I am sure with further investigations we can prove the function of this Conductor in many other phenomena all around us, we only need to pay close attention in order to recognize them. And of course, we need to understand the corresponding scientific methodologies in order to see the influence of the Conductor in those processes.

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The Evidence in the
Human Consciousness

Consciousness is an elusive phenomenon. There are much debates and discussions about the nature of our Consciousness. In a nutshell our Consciousness is our awareness about our existence and about our activities. Our awareness presumably emerges from the activities of the components of our brain. But, our glorious science yet to be able to recognize the existence of this emerging awareness! Science has interjected that our Consciousness might be an illusion. Perhaps science is right, and the examined activities of our brain do not produce our Consciousness. Maybe the source of our Consciousness is yet to be discovered. I think, I have found the Source of our Consciousness, and here I am going to prove his existence, and his activities. I intend to show that our Consciousness is provided to us by the Conductor who is at the fabric of this Universe, and he is directing all events in extreme details.

In order to establish validity of a claim we need to move our argument from the realm of a philosophical discussion into the domain of the testable scientific experiments. On PBS brain series program with Dr. David Eagleman, he talked about "Iowa Gambling Task experiment". By this experiment and some other testable experiments scientists have proved when the activities of our sub-conscious mind are realized by our Conscious mind, those information are already old news. This means there is a time delay between the activities of our sub-conscious mind and the comprehension of those events by our Conscious mind. This discovery is very significant, one of these experiments is "Iowa Gambling Task experiment", I think this experiment reveals something far more fundamental, it reveals the Source of our awareness and our Consciousness. Let us review "Iowa Gambling Task experiment" more closely, then I will explain my reason for the ramifications of this revealing discovery.

The Brain with David Eagleman on PBS | How Do I Decide?

Iowa Gambling Task experiment

Task structure
Participants are presented with 4 virtual decks of cards on a computer screen. They are told that each time they choose a card they will win some game money. Every so often, however, choosing a card causes them to lose some money. The goal of the game is to win as much money as possible. The decks differ from each other in the number of trials over which the losses are distributed. Thus, some decks are "bad decks", and other decks are "good decks", because some will lead to losses over the long run, and others will lead to gains.

Common finding
Most healthy participants sample cards from each deck, and after about 40 or 50 selections are fairly good at sticking to the good decks. Concurrent measurement of galvanic skin response shows that healthy participants show a "stress" reaction to hovering over the bad decks after only 10 trials, long before conscious sensation that the decks are bad.

The winning incentive in "Iowa Gambling Task experiment" is an abstract incentive. As far as we know only human conscious mind has the capability to comprehend the meaning of an abstract incentive. And now we have discovered that our Conscious mind acquires this intelligence from the activities of our sub-conscious mind. How is this possible? Our sub-conscious mind is not supposed to have this capability at all, but Iowa gambling experiment proved that our sub-conscious mind not only it has this capability, but it possesses this capability far better than our conscious mind does. This should not be the case, but strangely it is! We always had assumed that our conscious mind had the best thinking power in the Nature, and it was supreme. Our conscious mind is supposed to be the source of our comprehension, and here we have discovered a far inferior system preforms the abstract comprehension far better than our conscious mind does.

Now the question arises since our sub-conscious mind which it supposed to be far inferior organ compared to our conscious mind, how does it acquire this capability which is far superior to our conscious mind? We have to conclude that this observation points to the existence of an Intelligent and Conscious Being deep within the fabric of our Nature, who is intentionally feeding this intelligent comprehension into our system.

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The Evidence in
our special dreams

Sometimes we wake up and we vividly remember the dream that we just had. Some of these dreams make sense, and we can relate to them, but most of the time we cannot make any sense out of them. On Dec 30, 2017 I had a dream just before I woke up, actually I woke up couple times, and I looked at my watch, and I decided still it was too early to get up so I stayed in bed, and I dosed off and while I was half conscious I had another dream, or it was the continuation of my previous dream! It was so strange, while I was seeing this vivid dream, I felt that I was not totally unconscious, or not totally asleep. In my dream I was walking with a woman in the streets of downtown Tiburon, this is a small town in suburb of San Francisco. My companion mentioned that she wanted to tell me something in private, but there were too many people on the street around us, so I tried to walk toward more isolated alleys in order that we could have some privacy, I tried three alleys one after another, (after I got up I knew there was only one alley in that vicinity instead of the three alleys that I saw them in my dream!) In each alley that I tried there were some people around, in one alley there was a worker who was working in a ditch that was for a utility company, and the worker tried to explain to me the purpose of their work! I cared less about what the worker had to tell me about the project, all I was interested to hear what my companion wanted to tell me, and I was trying to avoid the worker, and I wanted politely to get away from him. In this aggravating search for finding a quiet place I woke up, and I wondered what this dream was all about!!??

That afternoon still I could remember that pointless dream, and I started to dissect my dream. When we are up and conscious of our actions, we do react to our outside environment, if the weather is too hot we wish that it was cooler, if there is loud construction noise from cross street, we wish the construction to be completed soon, if we get stuck in a traffic jam that we might miss our appointment we get upset, and so on. All these elements are part of our environment and they are out of our control, and we try to respond to them accordingly. But if we could choose and change these elements, then we would have changed them the way that we liked them to be. Now, for healthy people, if everything in our dreams is under the control of our brains, then why should we create these kinds of disappointing scenarios for ourselves!? Why do we get teased and disappointed by our own brain!? By nature of self-interest we are a selfish being, then why in our dream do we intentionally displease ourselves? In our dreams why doesn't our brain activities bring us joy and more pleasure, which it should be our natural self-interest, versus creating aggravation that diminishes the joys of our asleep? Those teasing and disappointing activities in our dreams go totally against our natural self-interest. This does not make any sense. Some of these elaborate dreams come with amazing details, but all these memories fades away so fast that we have hard time to revive their contents when we get up. At this point this subject is very primitive, and it requires far more relevant data and analyses in order to form a plausible and universal thought, that could generate some revealing elements about the nature of our existence.

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A Logical Evidence

Assume somebody gives us a small pamphlet, something like Lincoln Gettysburg's Address, and we are not told who or how it was produced. Based on the specific words that it is used and the sentences that it is constructed I confidently can claim that the pamphlet is produced by a highly intelligent being, either by a sophisticated person or by a sophisticated computer program. I strongly prefer this conclusion, versus somebody else's claim that those words in the pamphlet are piled up quite randomly by a computer program. Like the words selection in the pamphlet the elements of this universe have been calibrated with extreme accuracy. So, in my mind there is no doubt that an extremely intelligent and capable being has been involved in the development of this Universe.

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A Weird Experience

On Saturday March 31, 2018 around 4 PM on Pueblo Ave. in Napa California I was walking home from the junction of Redwood Road and West Pueblo Avenue. This is about 0.9 of a mile and it takes me about 15 to 16 minutes to walk home. After about 3 or 4 minutes at a distance in front of a house, I noticed a box on top of a brick pedestal next to the side walk, I was about 100 -120 feet away from it. I thought maybe the owner of the house had forgotten to take the box inside the house, as I got closer to the box, I was curious why the box was left out there, when I reached to the box, I saw about 5" by 8" by 4" cardboard box, and it contained 7 or 8 lemons, the lid was left open, and on the lid it was written "Free". I thought I could use the lemons, but I did not need that many, so I took three, and I left the rest for somebody else. I continued on my walk toward my home. After about 3 or 4 minutes I saw a little girl (about 3 or 4 years old) was learning to ride on her little bicycle, the support wheels were attached to both side of the rear wheel, and her dad on a bicycle was following her. The little girl waved at me with her right hand, I was impressed by her warmth, so I wanted to reciprocate her gesture by encouraging her, and I said "you are doing a good job on your bicycle", her dad acknowledged that and he greeted me. I got home and I warmed up my meal and I used one of the lemon, it improved the taste of my stew a great deal. I thought maybe I can go back and get the rest of those lemons. I said to myself, nobody is going to take those lemons, I thought, tomorrow on my walk I would look for that lemon box again. Next day when I reached to the West Pueblo Avenue, I reminded myself to look for that lemon box, I kept walking and keep looking, when I reached to the spot where I had seen the little girl, to my surprise still I had not seen the lemon box, I wondered how could I miss the lemon box or the brick pedestal even though I was looking for it, while yesterday I noticed it without even looking for it? This puzzle loomed large on my mind and it aroused my curiosity. I was wondering that it was quite possible that somebody had taken the lemon box, but that brick pedestal was a fixture on the yard, I should have seen the brick pedestal. I kept walking home, when I reached to the bridge which it is on top of the Dry Creek, I was very close to my apartment, I said to myself, how did I miss the brick pedestal. At point I was at the end of my hour and half walk, even though I was tired, but I wanted to know how I missed the brick pedestal, so I went back, looking for the brick pedestal. I went all the way back to the intersection of the West Pueblo and the Redwood, to my great surprise I did not see the brick pedestal. On the walk back still I was looking for brick pedestal, thinking the pedestal might be more visible in this direction, but no brick pedestal could be seen. Now, in my mind the mystery became larger, I thought maybe the thing that I recall as a brick pedestal, maybe it was a box, that it had been placed to make the lemon box more visible, and after the lemon box was taken the owner of the house had taken that pedestal away, so it was not a permanent fixture on the front yard, even though I was so certain that it was a brick pedestal! Next day I tried to find the house with the front lawn, the walk way, and the driveway to its garage, the way that I had recalled in my memory. I found four houses that were close to what I had in my memory with some differences.

This experience baffled me a great deal; I wondered how could my very clear and vivid perception be that faulty? If my perception for this simple visual observation was that faulty, then my rational thoughts also could be that faulty too, as a result none of my reasoning could be trusted! Reaching to this realization, then I thought no wonder that my utmost clear articles on "Moses story" and on "the QED mirror reflection", which they do sound so logical and so irrefutable TO ME, have not been acknowledged or resonated by ANYONE! So, am I living in an illusional world that it makes perfect sense to me, and only to me, with utmost clarity, and nobody else can see any validity to it!? What a strange world this is!? It is meticulously tailor-made to satisfy the mind of each individual! Wow!!! And this passage only makes sense to me, because I did experience it so vividly! And how such an experience is possible if there is no interference from an outside source!? Well, it sounds that I am provided and privileged with one of the deepest secret of our existence, but what is the use, that nobody would believe me! Not only this knowledge does not bring me any benefit, but paradoxically it makes me a lunatic in the eye of my readers! So, this knowledge does not look like a gift to me, and for all the practical purposes it works like a curse!

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Thanks for reading my material,
May God Bless Us All.

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