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In this short article I intend to present the solid evidences that points to the existence of an Active Conductor in all processes of this universe. After viewing these evidences you will realize that God is conducting everything, in minute details, all the time. And this characteristic is in absolute harmony with the functions of God in all Abrahamic religions.

I have proved Holy Torah, Holy Bible, and Holy Quran CANNOT be word of God.

To present my evidence I have proved that   Moses Story is a self-evidenced Fiction and a Hoax   and it CANNOT be word of God.

To extend the proof that Holy Books CANNOT be word God, I refer to Darwin Theory of Evolution. Any reasonable person would acknowledge that Darwin Theory of Evolution of species is a sound scientific theory that without any exception has been accepted by all credible scientists. Darwin's Theory of Evolution clearly nullifies the validity of Adam and Eve story of creation which is the foundation of all three Abrahamic faiths.

Also, the Big Bang theory is accepted by all credible scientists. This finding proves the falsehood of Genesis Story of Creation.

All these various evidences prove that Holy Torah, Holy Bible, and Holy Quran CANNOT be word of God. And all these three scriptures were produced by wisdom of ancient Man in a childish form of fairytales. This is an insult to human's intelligence to believe that all Knowledgeable God has deceived us and has sent us those false stories in those faulty scriptures.

Christians tell us that Jesus was a Jew and while he was living on this earth he was preaching the Holy Torah to his followers. So, Jesus who was preaching the faulty scripture with false stories COULD NOT be all knowledgeable God!

Christians believe that around 2000 years ago some wicked people captured ALMIGHTY God and nailed him to cross until he died. I guess there is no limit to human's Gullibility!

In many verses, Quran confidently boasts its unique and unparalleled status that it is infallible, and it is flawless, and it is the masterpiece of literature. Here I am presenting   A list of over 100 flaws in verses of Quran.   Quran is a primitive book and it cannot be word of God. And if we really believe in All-Knowledgeable God, then we should object such literary disgrace book to be considered as word of God.

Moslems, Christians, Jews, and Hindus throughout their histories have killed their infidels. I wonder are we intelligent enough to reject this Savage Barbarity? Our perception of God needs to get beyond these primitive religions.

Based on the teachings from the Holy Books at present time the Israelites are committing atrocities and murders in Palestine, the Serbs Committed Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, Isis and many other Moslem fanatics are mercilessly murdering their fellow Moslems throughout the Middle East and Africa, Moslem terrorists are murdering innocent civilians all over the world. I wonder can any Civilized human being accept these primitive Books as Holy?

Isn't it odd after acquiring so much in-depth knowledge still we are engaging in so many barbarities!? But why?
Our odd and savage behaviors defy and undermine the essence of our long earned genetic intelligence. Here I am forced to question the validity of   "the truth shall set you free"! Because, the truth has many layers! We might be very satisfied at one layer, but the deeper layer might upset our accepted understanding. Our peculiar behavior reveals other elements within the reality of our existence. We might know the facts, but our beliefs, our biases, our preferences, and so on, they do overshadow our established facts! And this strange phenomenon points to a source who feeds and controls the reality of our individual lives! We might think that everything is randomly manifests itself based on chaotic and random motions, and this view might seem to be in harmony with our scientific theories at a certain layer, but there might be a deeper layer that could control the events based on some other principles. For example the brutal pains and sufferings that life experiences at the level of human consciousness they look ugly and nasty, and that is a major deficiency against the existence of Almighty Creator, but the same brutal pains and sufferings at a deeper level they might present beauty, serenity, vitally necessary, and superbly prudent. When I was twelve years old I broke my left arm, it was excruciating painful. Under such severe pain at first impression one might question why a broken arm should hurt so badly? Then we find out that severe pain is our body defense mechanism, and that pain is a loud warning for us to take care of our broken arm, otherwise we may lose our life because of the broken arm. Only then, we may realize the wisdom and the necessity of that severe pain for our broken arm. Pain, Hardship, and Struggle play a major role improving our fighting skills, as a result advancing survival of our spices.

We should never be hasty in our conclusions, our past history has shown us that sometimes because of some hasty and faulty conclusions we committed serious crimes; destruction of library in Alexandria was one example of such a case. And certainly we cannot be indecisive in accepting a better revealing argument. Here, we are facing with dichotomy of two valid but contradicting thoughts. But, let me assure you that these two contradicting thoughts is not unique just to this case, our personal desires, our individual preferences, our philosophy, our science are filled with this kind of conflicting dichotomy of choices. For example science is struggling to decide whether Time, flow of Time, Free Will, and Consciousness are real or they are illusions of our mind. Rigors scientific studies of these puzzling subjects has not yet settled these issues to anybody's satisfaction. It seems it is by design that we are distend to wrestle with these confusing and contradictory thoughts and bouncing between them throughout our lives. Through these mind challenging struggles the truth gradually and gracefully reveals itself in a refined and timely manner.

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The Active Conductor

I think full glories of God are beyond human's imaginations. Each of us based on our individual capabilities can only grasp a very limited vision of God's glories. These individual visions of God have been tailor-made for each individual's capacities and experiences. Based on this understanding, I believe in the existence of God who is running our lives in minute details all the time.

To prove the existence of God, we need to make some keen observations. From very early time when Man developed the brain that enabled him to have some abstract thoughts, he sensed the existence of some forces that were influencing his life, and he called them gods. Ancient Man developed various rituals trying to acquire favors from these gods. This process of figuring out the nature of these various gods it reminds me of Richard Dreyfuss in movie of "Close Encounter of the Third Kind"! It seems our recognition for this very complex and intelligent force is built deep within our DNA, and similar to Richard Dreyfuss we have been trying very hard to decipher and explain this confused meaning and their relevance in our daily lives. Of course in these attempts Man has made many mistakes and the spiritual fields are filled with many contradictory ideas, superstitions, fanaticism, and various incoherent belief systems. So, one would expect that well educated people should free themselves from these contradictory simple minded theologies. But, we see in highly educated societies still these contradictory religions are practiced and they are in control of the governments and they are dominating the administered programs! So, we have to conclude that this odd and peculiar behavior by these well educated people is an evidence that believing in God is implanted deep within our DNA, to a various degree. These well educated people accept these contradictory beliefs even though these faulty beliefs are a humiliation for their intellect!

Even though the evidence that I provided regarding the strange behaviors of well educated believers sounds very plausible proof for the existence of God, but many scholars would like to see better evidences proving the existence of God. Here, I present you with three other phenomena that show the influence of an intelligent active force who intentionally influences the outcome of three seemingly common phenomena in nature. These three phenomena are the multiple symmetries in snowflakes' design, the paradox of light reflection from the surface of a mirror, and Iowa gambling task experiment.

With unimaginable successes that our science has produced our amazing technologies it is hard to stand up and challenge our science for being faulty and wrong. I hope that you focus on the essence of my arguments and judge them rationally without any intimidation. I am sure with further investigations we can prove the existence of this active conductor in many other phenomena all around us, we only need to have keen observations in order to recognize them. Of course, we need to understand the corresponding scientific methodologies in order to be able to detect the possible flaws hidden within those offered scientific arguments.

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Multiple Symmetries in Snowflakes' Designs

When we find an archeological site or when we find an ancient artifact we immediately accept those objects are made by some conscious intelligent beings, we intuitively make this assessment because the designs within those objects bind us to make that assessment. We would make exactly the same assessment even if the object is found on planet Mars. Now, what does stop us from using exactly the same logic when it comes to the designs of photons, electrons, protons, and so on? Why do we assume that these extremely complex objects which interact with each other so harmoniously have come into existence without the conscious intent of an Intelligent Designer? This denial goes against our commonly-accepted rational.

The designs and formations of the elementary particles are too complex, too fast, and seemingly their identical designs are beyond our comprehension to recognize the magic of the Intelligent Designer in the processes of their formations. On the other hand the formation of snowflakes deals only with the design, and that development is a SLOW PROCESS, this gives us the opportunity to recognize the influence of the Conscious Designer in the formation of the snowflakes, with various symmetries in their structures.

Snowflakes formation is a case of a well-known phenomenon that science has failed to come up with a plausible answer to explain it, and instead it has resorted to few phony and incoherent arguments to FIT the KNOWN result! Science has attributed snowflakes' artistic symmetries to the structure of water molecules. To prove the falsehood this argument, let us briefly examine the ramification of this argument. According to this explanation the structure of the water molecules causes the frozen water molecules to form a hexagon. And when the new water molecules get attached to this hexagon foundation they get attached to the six corners of this hexagon foundation, as a result the snowflakes symmetries get produced. There is a major flaw with this argument! The snowflakes' shapes are NOT the MAGNIFICATION shape of the molecular bonding hexagon shape at the foundation! To show you the validity of this statement, let us look at that hexagon shape foundation after one billion water molecules are attached to each of its arms. Now, let us look at any snowflake's tiny center, this observable tiny piece of snow, which it does not show any specific symmetry, it possesses multiple billions times of that six billion molecules hexagon shape structure! Billions number of that six billion molecules hexagon shape structure is buried within this tiny center of the snowflake, without any trace of their hexagon shape symmetries! As you see science has offered us a bogus argument, that it does not satisfy the scrutiny of a novice researcher!

I got the following passage on snowflake's formation from Wikipedia. "The exact details of the sticking mechanism remain controversial. Possibilities include mechanical interlocking, sintering, electrostatic attraction as well as the existence of a "sticky" liquid-like layer on the crystal surface. The individual ice crystals often have hexagonal symmetry."

"Most snowflakes are not completely symmetric." "Empirical studies suggest less than 0.1% of snowflakes exhibit the ideal six-fold symmetric shape." "The most common snow particles are visibly irregular, although near-perfect snowflakes may be more common in pictures because they are more visually appealing." "A non-aggregated snowflake often exhibits six-fold radial symmetry. The initial symmetry can occur because the crystalline structure of ice is six-fold. The six "arms" of the snowflake, or dendrites, then grow independently, and each side of each arm grows independently." "Since the micro-environment (and its changes) are very nearly identical around the snowflake, each arm can grow in nearly the same way."
"Snowflakes form in a wide variety of intricate shapes, leading to the popular expression that "no two are alike". Although possible, it is very unlikely."

The thickness of the snowflake structures shows that vapor water molecules get bonded to the snowflakes' core structure in all three directions of x, y and z axis. This shows that multiple trillions of water molecules need to pile up on top of each other in order to produce the snowflake thickness.

To explain the snowflake's design, science has interjected that the hexagon shape (the diamond dust) at the molecule level of the snowflake is the initiator, and the main cause for the snowflakes symmetrical shapes at our visible level. This argument would have been valid if this microscopic foundation would be producing a structure at the same microscopic level, but the snowflake structure is developing in a vastly larger scale, that is at our visible level, these two very different scales can hardly be compatible with each other. The molecular shapes of the material and their crystallized formations used for the foundation of any large structure, they cannot have anything to do with the design of the structure at our visible level.

Let us focus on a small section of a snowflake's arm, let's assume the thickness of this arm be around .5 mm, and this section of arm be around 1 mm wide, and only 3 mm in length. Then this tiny section of snowflake's arm is in the shape of a candy bar. In this tiny section of snowflake's arm there are around 10 to the power 18 (10^18) water molecules. These water molecules have been attached to each other in various forms, and just in this tiny section of snowflake's arm there might be trillions and trillions of hexagon shapes (diamond dust) bonding of water molecules. As you see these hexagon shapes bonding at microscopic level have produced a candy bar shape at our visible level. The hexagon shape of water molecules bonding at atomic level is too insignificant to influence the developing shape of the snowflake at our visible level.

Claiming that the structure of the water molecules at the snowflake's core is the cause of various symmetries in the snowflakes' designs, is similar to attributing the structure of the paint molecules for the Mona Lisa painting! Science has failed to come up with any plausible argument for the multiple symmetrical designs of the snowflakes, so it has resorted to the bogus argument that the structure of the water molecules must have had something to do with it! Since in the development of the snowflakes the "randomness" is name of the game, and water molecules are too small to influence the developing shape of the snowflake, then the emergence of any SYMMETRICAL pattern should be totally an unexpected outcome!

The various symmetries in the design of snowflakes is forcing us to recognize that there has to be another NATURAL force in the fabric of the nature that intelligently and deliberately is influencing the design of snowflakes, and introducing us to amazingly beautiful snowflakes' symmetrical designs.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Let us explore snowflakes' symmetrical designs from another view point. Because of wide variety of snowflake shapes we can safely assume that there are at least more than 10,000 different shapes of snowflake arms. It is claimed since all arms of each snowflake are developing at the same micro-atmospheric condition then they grow more or less at the same shape. But since each arm is growing independently they must still produce varieties of shapes for each arm, even if they are under the same micro-atmospheric condition! It seems that each snowflake is carrying its own unique gene that it affects the shape of its arms to grow in a specific shape!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Let us still explore snowflakes' symmetrical designs from another angel. Let us safely assume there are 10,000 different shapes of snowflakes' arms. Since a non-aggregate snowflake exhibits six arms, then for the snowflakes' shape we could end up with the possibility of 10,000 to the power six snowflake shapes (10,000^6), or 10 to the power of 24 (10^24) shapes. This is one snowflake in every 10^24 snowflakes would have an ideal six-fold symmetric shape. But rough empirical counting indicates that roughly one in every 1000 snowflakes has the ideal six-fold symmetric shape, then there has to be a force influencing the development of the snowflake's shapes, favoring them to produce the ideal six-fold symmetrical shapes, and changing the probability from one in every 10^24, to one in every 1000; this makes a factor of 10^21 in favor of producing the ideal six-fold symmetrical shapes. And this is a huge dominating factor that cannot be ignored!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Let us still examine snowflakes' symmetrical designs from another perspective.Time lapse development of the snowflakes shows some part of snowflakes develop first and the rest of the snowflake develops gradually later, and somehow the rest of the snowflake mysteriously continue to follow the pattern of the grown arm! We expect that micro-atmospheric condition should be changing in the interval. Then absolutely there is no justification that a developing arm to follow the design of any other arm in its development. Actually the numerous possibilities in designs should make any similarity of the arms a very rare occasion, and certainly not the norm! In the development of the identical twins babies, their identical genes causes their identical shapes, but in snowflake developments there is no gene to force the developing arm to acquire the same shape. This strange phenomenon forces us to recognize the existence a force in the fabric of the nature, who deliberately and intelligently, introduces multiple symmetries in various parts of each snowflake structure.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Let us analyze the development of a snowflake from another angel. Time lapse photography of snowflake shows different stages of a snowflake development. Let us focus on one of the developing arm which already has grown half way. Let us vision four little imaginary rings on this newly developing arm, and name them a, b, c, and d in a row, and let each of these rings to be one half of one millimeter apart from their adjacent ring. We know these four rings are flattened in the middle; at 90 degree and 270 degree. Let us name the left edge of these rings by a1, b1, c1, and d1. And their right edges by a3, b3, c3, and d3. And name their mid points (at 90 degree and 270 degree) by a2, b2, c2, d2 and a4, b4, c4, d4 respectively.

As the snowflakes swinging and falling down toward the earth each second the condition of the micro-environment might be changing. Because those marked points on the arm are very close together then the changes in atmosphere are affecting our marked points more or less very similarly. At this situation the shape of water molecules have no impact on the shape of the developing arm; water molecules attach themselves to the growing arm without any preference, for the water molecules the bonding at a1, b1, c1, d1 are very similar to each other, and bonding at a2, b2, c2, d2 are very similar too, and so on and so forth. Of course because of the difference of the shape of the ring at point a1 and point a2 the rate of water molecule bonding at these points might be slightly different from each other, but the condition at points a1, b1, c1, d1 which all are located at the left edge of the arm are virtually the same, and they are very close together. It makes no sense that the rate of growth at point a1 be twice or four times of the rate of growth at point b1, or point c1, or point d1, or vice versa. But still one might argue that being one half of one millimeter apart in their positions does affect the bonding of new water molecules at those points. To flatly rebuke this picky criticism, I would say if being one half of one millimeter apart in the position on the arm can affect that much change in the rate of growth, then for sure I expect to see far more drastic differences in the rates of growth of the similar points on the other arms of the snowflakes which are much further apart! As the empirical count shows 0.01% of snowflakes all six arms grow more or less in similar pattern! As I argued before the production of these ideal six-fold symmetric shapes with this abundance goes far beyond of the probability of random growth. These arms grow as if they are carrying the same gene, but another snowflake which is growing nearby in the same micro-atmospheric condition its arms are developing in a very different pattern, as if it is carrying a totally different gene! As far as our science is concerned absolutely there is no mechanism to coordinate or to harmonize the growth of these arms. The possibilities that each arm can grow in various different shapes but in actuality they do not, this process defies the scientific idea of randomness to its core.

Water molecules which come to contact with these surfaces they get attached to the developing snowflakes' structure. Maybe the micro-environment conditions at a1, a2, a3, and a4 differ from each other a little bit, but I do not see any major factor that might influence the water molecules to privilege any of these spots way beyond the others by a great margin. The distance between a2 and a4 represents the thickness of the snowflake, and as far as human perception is concern snowflakes thickness is very uniform. This is way too odd that most snowflakes surfaces are flat at both sides! I do not know any mechanism that could be the cause of making both surfaces of the snowflake to become flat.

Snowflakes symmetrical formation forces us to recognize the existence of an active conscious agent in this process, who consciously, deliberately, and intentionally delivers us these designs in the formation of the snowflakes with such clarity and openness! Even though Man had recognized the existence of a mysterious force or mysterious forces who had been influencing his environment and his life from very early stages of his intelligence long time ago, but our advanced scientific discoveries were needed to recognize the validity of those early confusing assessments by the ancient Man! And for us science has been and it is our final arbitrator!

Scientifically most snowflakes do not have a perfect symmetry, but as far as our artistic point of view is concern their symmetrical shapes are pleasing to our eyes; an object of beauty with tremendous appeals. Their symmetries have been a source of enormous inspiration for our art and for our architectural designs. Confidently I can claim their symmetrical beauties have been nurturing our intelligence and they have been contributing to our inspirational intellects. So, their beauty should not be considered just a random act of nature, it is much more than that, it is a channel guiding us and educating us to the existence of the active conscious being deep within the fabric of the nature who is empowering the growth of our intelligence with such a clarity!


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Paradox of Mirror Reflection

Quantum Electrodynamics Theory (QED) is the most comprehensive, successful, and productive theory that has ever been produced by science. The success of our various technologies is the solid evidence in validity of QED theory. Physicists are very confident that except for gravity, QED has successfully answered most phenomena of nature phenomena that we encounter in our daily life. So, we expect a very common phenomenon of mirror reflection would be a very trivial phenomenon for QED theory to explain it with ease. This is how QED explains the mechanic of light reflection from the surface of a material. When a photon hits a substance it most likely gets absorbed by an electron. Then this energized electron moves to a higher energy level. Then this energized electron emits a photon and it moves back to its equilibrium state. QED says this process of the energized electron emitting a photon is dictated by the uncertainty rule, this means that the time of emission and the direction of emission is presented by a probabilistic model. In this probabilistic model no specific direction can be identified, the emitted photon can randomly get emitted in all possible directions. We have verified this QED model with many observations.

When photons get reflected from the surface of a mirror a peculiar thing happens, the reflected photons no longer get reflected in random statistical directions at all, they all get reflected in a specific direction, they get reflected in the direction that is defined by the optic law for reflection. Through countless observations we have discovered that each incoming photon gets reflected in opposite direction, and the angel of reflection is equal to the angel of incident. For the mirror reflection, even though the mechanic of the interaction between photon and electron is still the same, but the statistical model for the direction of the reflection is no longer in effect. What causes the reflected photon to move in the direction that it is specified by the optic law, that this result contradicts our QED's probabilistic model? This is the paradox of mirror reflection.

I was looking around to find a source that might resolve this paradox for me. I found Prof. Richard Feynman's lectures on QED at Auckland University in New Zealand. I watched those four lectures few times. It seems QED have devised "all paths argument" in order to resolve this reflection paradox. In "all paths argument" all paths for the direction of each reflected photon are accepted, and then by summing up the amplitude vectors for all these paths we do end up with the same result that the optic law predicts.

You can view this argument of Prof. Richard Feynman in his lecture (# 2 of 4) at Auckland University in New Zealand. (This argument is at about 28:00 minutes of the video in lecture #2.)
Prof. Richard Feynman lecture (# 2 of 4) at Auckland University.

I noticed in devising "all path argument" QED is implementing the KNOWN RESULT from the optic law in its argument. Of course summing up the amplitude vectors for this KNOWN path, does produce the maximum probability for the direction that it is in harmony with the optic law. As a result QED concludes that "all path argument" answers the puzzles of light reflection from the surface of a mirror naturally. I show you that this is a deceptive argument.

To expose the embedded flaw within "all paths argument", I added few more photo-multipliers in the vicinity of the first photo-multiplier, and then I challenge "all paths argument" to identify which photo-multiplier should receive the reflected photon? "all paths argument" will produce the probability value for each of these photo-multipliers to receive the reflected photon. According to "all paths argument" each of these probability values for each of these photo-multipliers is a valid value, without identifying which photo-multiplier will actually receive the reflected photon. But we do know ONLY ONE of these photo-multipliers will receive the reflected photon and the other photo-multipliers will receive none. So, those probability values that "all paths argument" has produced for all the other photo-multipliers are all bogus numbers, and they are all invalid values. QED's "all path argument" does not privilege any of the photo-multipliers at all, but it deceptively uses the KNOWN result from the optic law to identify the photo-multiplier which receives the reflected photon. This proves that QED "all paths argument" is a false argument, and it has not solved the paradox of the optic law of reflection.

Anyway, the reason that I am bothering you with this scientific problem, is to point out the possibility of the existence of the Active Conductor for the reflection of photons from the surface of a mirror. Science does not like to deal with the notion of an Active Conductor whose action is conscious, intelligent, and intentional. Science vehemently opposes such notion in the natural world. But, as long as the accepted scientific methods are incapable to produce a plausible answer for the paradox of light reflection from the surface of a mirror, the action of the Active Conductor is the only plausible answer that resolves this paradox.

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Iowa Gambling Task experiment

Task structure
Participants are presented with 4 virtual decks of cards on a computer screen. They are told that each time they choose a card they will win some game money. Every so often, however, choosing a card causes them to lose some money. The goal of the game is to win as much money as possible. The decks differ from each other in the number of trials over which the losses are distributed. Thus, some decks are "bad decks", and other decks are "good decks", because some will lead to losses over the long run, and others will lead to gains.

Common finding
Most healthy participants sample cards from each deck, and after about 40 or 50 selections are fairly good at sticking to the good decks. Concurrent measurement of galvanic skin response shows that healthy participants show a "stress" reaction to hovering over the bad decks after only 10 trials, long before conscious sensation that the decks are bad.

Iowa Gambling task experiment discovers a very important phenomenon within the heart of our existence. This discovery reveals the Ultimate Secret deep at the root of the Nature. The reward incentive of the Iowa gambling task experiment is purely an abstract concept. As far as we know only Human conscious mind possesses this advanced cognitive intelligence that it is capable of appreciating the values of abstract incentives. But amazingly in this experiment we have discovered that the elements within our subconscious mind comprehends the meaning of this abstract reward much better than our conscious mind, and possibly this is our subconscious mind that feeds and brings this comprehension into our conscious mind. How is this possible? What is going on in this process? How can our subconscious mind acquire this cognitive realization before our conscious mind even reaches to this conclusion?

If our subconscious mind processes this abstract evaluating capability much faster than our conscious mind, then we have to conclude that there must be another conscious source who is intentionally empowering our subconscious mind to this cognitive capability. And this other source is the Active Conductor within the fabric of our Universe, who is influencing and directing all events of this Universe at their core, far deeper than the limits of the uncertainty principles. Iowa Gambling Task experiment reveals the existence of this Active Conductor with such clarity, and beyond any ambiguity.

As you see all these very different observations they all point to the existence of the Active Conductor within the fabric of our Universe.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Omniscient God

In the past in some articles I assumed that God was the creator of this Universe, and he was a separate entity from this Universe. This is the view of Monotheism. I reached to that conclusion because no changes could be allowed within the glory of God. This made sense to me at that time. Then, I realized there was a problem with that view. If our Universe was outside of God, then this Universe imposed a limitation to Domain of God and this was unacceptable. Domain of God should encompass everything, and that includes our Universe. This is the view of Panentheism. But, still the problem of "the change within the Domain of God" persists. The problem of "the change within the Domain of God" gets resolved with the following explanation.

The believers believe that God hears and answers our prayers all the time. Quran says God is closer to you than your jugular vein. This belief reveals an important insight to our perception of God. Let us examine a scenario. In near future we will send human astronauts to Mars and other planets in our solar system. Assume when the astronauts are exploring the surface of Mars one of their computer malfunctions and put their lives at risk. They immediately report the problem to earth and ask for help. At the same time they pray to God for help.

We accepted that God is with us all the time, then God knows of this incident right away, but how he answers our pray, that is not our focus for this analogy at this point, but the answer will be a natural outcome. It depends to the positions of Earth and Mars, it takes the signal from Mars to reach to Earth between 3 to 22 minutes. So, the mission control on earth will receive the information between 3 to 22 minutes in the future, but God who is present at the mission control already knows about the future signals in advance. So, as a believer we have to conclude, at least in this scenario, God knows the future before we do.

This scenario also reveals another fact, that God gets all the information instantly, and the distance in space is not a barrier for God. So, a supernova which exploded seven billion years ago, and we will receive that signal let's say ten years from now, but God already knows of that information at present time. This scenario reveals for God the past information and the future information is present simultaneously at present time. For God the presence of the simultaneous information at all time means that God has instant knowledge of every photon at all time. So, for God, Time loses its meaning altogether, he sees past, present, and future instantly and simultaneously. Then, this Universe becomes a four dimensional block of events that it is present to God simultaneously without any change for the passage of time. In this four dimensional block Universe all events are strictly under certainty rule, and all the quantum probabilistic events which are puzzling our grasp of the underneath mechanics of the events vanishes altogether! Since this vision of universe at level of God is a fixed structure and it does not evolve at all, then we can consider this universe as part of God, or a project of God that exists within his Domain. But, for us and all material things in this four dimensional block universe we do experience the passage of time and the limitation of the uncertainty rule.

So, in this picture that every event is already established with absolute certainty, our Free Will for our physical body is absolutely out of question. In order that our Free Will to have any validity at all, we need to associate an individual soul which it is not energy based, and somehow it is connected to our physical body, but it cannot influence the conducts of our physical body. Our soul responds spiritually to the experiences of our physical body, and our Free Will boils down to the nature of these spiritual responses.

Now, we need to explore how our non-energy based soul can connect to our physical body. This is very similar to the effect and the existence of the consciousness in the fabric of Universe that I argued in my analyses of the symmetric designs in the development of the snowflakes' structures. In that process the conscious being is altering and influencing the development of the snowflakes structures, but in the case of our soul, there is no influence from our soul in the experiences of our physical bodies, we only observe these experiences and reflect, that would be the extent of our body and soul interactions, and our souls cannot influence our physical body at all.

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Flaw in QED "all path argument"

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The following links are some discussions that I had in few forums.

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Lisa Shea Forum / Religious Research / Why do I believe in God?

Gods, Heroes, and Myth Forum / Other Mythologies / Faulty Religious Myths can not take us far

Religious Education / Abrahamic Religions / Jesus Body

Religious Education / Abrahamic Religions / How far is Heaven?

Religious Education / Abrahamic Religions / Does Jesus have any limitation?

Cygnus' Study "Evolution/Creation" Evolution is part of the Creation Forums / Religion & Philosophy / Civility

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